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how can day look N2 R eyez N say day dun B-leave uz?

look at dis fuckin prep. what a fucking douche. he will never understand duh darkness and sorrow that we have deep within our sole.

earth sux

2 catch a predater

o shit bobo2bobo is fuked! he thot i wouldnt call the cops after he sent me the new mountin goatz album... lil did he know i just got of the phone with thim. LOOKZ LIKE UVE BEEN COUGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRZ OF A CITIZENS STING OPERATION! HEHEHEHE HEY MAN TELL THE FEDZ I SAID HI!!!! :)
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FUCK ALL PREPS let me say...lyprulz iz bein a reel asswhole 4 no raeson!!!! hez the 1 that wanted me 2 go to the prep storez with him! newayz heres a pic that u mite find a lil intresting....

LOL so in case u didnt no...thatsz lyprulz on the far left wit that wikid look on his face. hez pretending he doesnt like it but u kno he luvz bein at prep partys!!!
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okay so liek a few weekz ago me & bobotobobo were chilin out of town ni shitti and he wuz like lets go 2 the shraper image and i wuz all liek bitch wut the rfuk is that? and he wuz all liek it's a branch of off hot topic so of course i wuz liek fuk ya letz go and we got there and it wuz a fukin preep store!!!! fuk i wuz fukin pissed. then last week we wrer chillin and shit eatin pizza u no the rutine and he wuz liek hey my mom told me about this store thats sellin sum rave pantz 4 prty cheep so i wuz liek o hell yah man letz go and we got there and all they had were fucking PREPPY SHORTS I WUZ ALL LIEK WUT THE FUK BOBO32BOB U FUKIN TRICKED ME AGIN ILL FUKIN KICK UR STUPID ASS TO HELL U MOTHERFUKER IVE HAD ENOUGH OF UR GAMES U CAN GFUCKIN GO HOME AND KILL URSELF 4 ALL I CARE U STUPID ASSHOLE DONT U EVER RFUKIN TRY TO TRUCK ME AGIN!!!!

hehehehehehehe i bet hes tryin to get me back 4 that prep party i had him go 2 a year ago hehehehehehehehe wut a fukin gfagit!!!!!!!!!!
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NASTIEST quiz ever
Your name: Most people call me ReeRee or Kebbler or Keyba
male or female? 100% FEMALE
how old r u? 18
would u say ur straight, gay or bi? STRAIGHT
Your Body
describe what u look like I look like me DAMN IT!!
ok now guys, how big is it honestly? and girls, how many fingers can u fit? Who would put dey fingers in dey pussy NEWAY
what's ur fav body part on the other sex? HIS DICK DUHHHHH!!!!!
what's ur fav place on ur body 2 be kissed? Mah Neck...Shit daz when u get shit started!!!
do u have any special names 4 ur privates or what do u call them? Mah Kitty =mah Pussy and Tha Twinz = Mah HUGE Breast
do u shave ur pubic hair, trim, wax, have a racing strip, leave it natural or what? WAXED sumtimes but trimmed when I just aint trippin
do u masturbate (don't lie now)? Ewwww..NO
how often do u masturbate? I DON'T
how old were u when u lost ur virginity? 15
who did u lose it 2? Jason Smith Jr.
do u have any sexual regrets? NOPE
have u ever had sex with a virgin? Now You Know a nigga aint gone tell you if he is a virgin or not
what's the biggest age difference between u and someone u've had sex with? Well Mah babe 23 and Im 18 so you do tha math
how often would u have sex in an ideal relationship? EVERYDAY
and when was the last time u actually did have sex? Sunday 3.12.06 *today is 3.13.06*
when was the last time u had an orgasm? Sunday 3.12.06 baby was puttin it on me
have u ever had a 1 night stand? HELLL NO
what sort of contraception do u normally use? Condoms..DUHHHH
have u ever had phone sex? Hell No..why do it on the phone and me and him can do it in person!
have u ever had cyber sex? Cyber Sex..WTF daz sum crazy ppl shit!!
have u ever devoted a whole day 2 sex? YES FEBUARY 11, 2006
lights on or off? It don't matter shit as long as it's good!!
do u prefer 2 give or receive oral sex? I LOVE Tah get mah KITTY ATE!!!
do u prefer oral sex or normal sex? Both when u got a nigga like mines!!
do u prefer giving/receiving blowjobs or handjobs? Gettin Mah Pussy Ate DUHHH i just said that!!!!
do u prefer eating/being eaten or fingering/being fingered? Gettin Mah Pussy Ate DUHHH!!!!
girls, have u ever used ur tits 2 get a guy off, or guys, have u ever had a girl use her tits 2 get u off? HELL NO!!
what's ur fav position? I don't have a favorite
what's the most number of positions u've used in 1 sex session? 50...there are only 200 sex positions in the world. Bet you didn't know that..I PAY ATTETION IN SEX ED LOL!!
do u like sex best rough, gentle, fast, slow, or how? I like it slow then get buck wild rough!!
do u get turned on by pain? HELL NO!! Although I do like mah Hair Pulled
have u ever tried anal sex and if so did u like it? HELLL NO why would you get fucked in your ass..What if you shit on yourself?!
how do u feel about sex when u or ur partner is on her period? NASTY..HELLLLA FUCKIN NASTY!!
ORGASMS AND CUM & Have you Evers
girls, have u ever or do u ever fake orgasms? No..You can't fake shit when tha dick is good!
what's the most number of orgasms u have had together, or in one sex session? 2
what sort of orgasm do u normally have (do u moan, pant, gasp, scream or what)? It start wit a Moan and work it's way into a Garsp then it CUMs out wit a SCREAM!!!
spit or swallow? Wha?!....Ion do shit tah have to spit or swallow
girls, do u like the taste of cum, or guys, do u like the taste of pussy? ION GIVE ORAL SO ION KNO!!!
have u ever tasted ur own love juices (lol)? Ewwww *gaging* HELLL FUCKIN NO
r u usually loud during sex? HELLL YEAH..To fuckin loud!!
have u or do u ever watch porno videos? Yup… Not On Purpose!! tha DVD man had tha worng movie in tha wrong case
have u ever watched a live stripper? Yeah mah own personal stripper his name is DAMNONTE LAMARR HARRIS
have u ever used sex toys on ur own? NO
how do u feel about talking during sex? I'm coo wit it if it aint no stupit shit!
have u ever woken up somebody else in the same house when ur having sex? YES..mah mama! She was like yall gotta go wit dat loud fuck'n. LOL
have u ever been given open praise 4 ur sexual technique? Praise for sum good sex..Imma have tah use dat!!
have u ever had sex in a car? Why fuck in a car and we have a 7 bed room house in Tracy
if yes, was the car moving?
have u ever had sex in the water (pool, ocean, etc.)? Yeah in our OWN POOL!! *we so nasty LOL*
have u ever had sex at work or school? NO
have u ever used food 4 sexual purposes? Yeah...Strawberries n Mah Cream
have u ever had a 3some or any sort of group sex? HELLL NO
have u ever had sex with more than 1 person during a 24-hour period but not at the same time? HELLL FUCKIN NO
have u ever messed around with other ppl in the room? YEAH jus MESSED around NO SEX THOUGH
have u ever been caught masturbating? NO Ion do dat nasty shit!!
have u ever caught anyone else masturbating? YESSSSSS it was soo Nasty!!! Ewww
have u ever been caught having sex? Yes..On top of the dryer at mah babe mama house!
has anyone ever watched u having sex? No!!!
have u ever french kissed anyone of the same sex? NO!!!
have u ever had a sexual experience with someone of the same sex? NO!!!
have u ever had pains as a result of sexual acts? Yeah..Mah mutha fuckin back was hurt hella bad last night LOL j/k
have u ever had sex with 2 ppl in the same family? Does a Kissing count?!
have u ever answered the phone while u were having sex and kept going? YEP
have u ever broken anything having sex? Yep..Tha Rubber
describe ur worst sexual experience: The Nigga was drunk and Nutted TO FAST!! 1 MIN MAN...DAMN
describe ur best sexual experience: Shit when Mah babe made me feel sum shit I had NEVER felt before
describe ur biggest fantasy: Ion have one
have u ever called out someone else's name during sex? NO I wanna live to see mah next birthday
have u ever had complaints from the neighbours about ur noise during sex? Yeah Once..but thats because the window was open
have u ever watched a live sex show? NO!!
have u or do u ever look at porno magazines? NO!!